Faith and Action

    Life in the Spirit is acting in faith that God will use our actions to restore us to Himself and not that either those actions or our obedience has the power to restore us in itself.


    We are obedient in faith that our obedience will result in God’s glory and in faith in His promise that we will share in that glory.

    The Law and The Bad Bird Dog

    Our arguments about the Law are like a dog who, when his master points at a bird in a tree, stares at his master’s hand.

    Cain and Christ

    For those who believe that the entirety of our salvation occurs at the crucifixion you have to answer me this question: why not have Cain kill Jesus instead of Abel? Wop bop a-loo-bop humanity is redeemed… good story everybody.

    Becoming What We Are

    We are becoming what we already are… yet we must proceed in the becoming or else we shall never be such.


    If you want to convince me of your teaching, live as if you believe it yourself.

    When Did God Make Us

    Do we believe that God made us as a zygote and then left us alone? or did he make us as a newborn infant. Twelve years ago I believed He had made me up to that point. I believe the same now. I’ll probably believe the same again in twelve more years. If God is timeless, then as soon as I was created my entire existence is created.

    Of course, the same must be true of my daughter for her existence is connected to mine. But wait, then my existence must have begun with my parents creation… no wait.

    Over-simply Reading the Bible

    Back to my ol’ favorite bumper sticker: the Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it…

    Anyone who thinks it to be a simple matter to interpret a simple statement has never been married.

    We’ve Got No Clue How To Own Things

    The Biblical concept of property is so very different from our contemporary one. For us, property is all those things that we own or control. Scripturally though, property is all those things put in our trust to care for and tend. The idea of jubilee only makes sense in this fashion. The distinction may be subtle but it is enormous. For the one says “this is mine to the exclusion of all others” while the other says “this has been given me for the benefit of all others.”

    Watching Birds Fly

    It seems that flying birds know two things: how to fly and where they want to go. Winds change, the route changes. How to fly. Where you want to go. These are the important things in our life. And yet, we spend so much time determining the route.