Finding My Character or Why Do I Keep Getting Lost From God's Love

The story of the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ allow for each of us to put ourselves into the Gospel narrative.

Am I the sexually impure one? the fearful one? the one doubting whether any of it is true? the liar? the swindler? the power hungry? the one pursuing selfish gain?

Are the poor the least of my thoughts? Do I find security in my job and/or my wealth? Am I the lonely one? the one without hope?

Do I need (even want perhaps) to be judged? Do I need to be loved? Do I need for the one I have wronged to look me in the eye and forgive me? Do I want to be heroically swept away? Do I want a leader with courage, strength, and virtue?

Whoever it is that I am, I find me in the Gospel story. And once I find myself there, I see that my character in the story is loved by Christ. I can no longer think “if God really knew me…”

…even if my character this month is one of the Pharisees.