My Job In A Big Money Industry or How I Don't Think I Can Ever Do It Again

+ I can’t say I don’t feel sinful being here. The stage is set, the lights come up.

There she is. There he is. There’s passion alright. You can see it on both their faces.

I can’t tell about intimacy but come on, could you act like this if there was any?

Cue the music. Perfect. Who would ever listen to this stuff. It’s like they create it exactly and only for these kinds of scenes.

Quit it, Michael. Try to focus on why you’re here. You got a job. Pay attention to your job. Don’t get distracted. Eyes forward… Focus…

Oh my gosh…

Here come the contorted face… ecstasy. Wham. They made it.

The real deal Lucille.

I think she might rise into tears. Wait… wait… there we go. Tears to prove it’s real.

Always happens at the same point.

But what poise, what presence. Her face is always perfectly caught on the camera. Perfect. I mean, wow.

Such has the worship service become.