Our Christianist Marketing Society or Come And See What Christ Can Do For You

+ One of the most shameful things about our christianist society is our use of Christ as a marketing tool. It’s permeated everything. We’ve developed an entire line of christianist music, with christianist DJ’s and radio stations. Their main selling point… “we’re christianists.”

Grant took me to the grocery store and showed me you could buy Jesus breath-mints (they looked like Altoids) and other Jesus natural products (looked like Bert’s line of products).

Often church signs largely promote what “Christ can do for me” in such a way that I’m compelled to see how he stacks up against the leading mutual funds.

And I cannot count how many business signs display a cross or a fish as if to say “hey I’m a christianist, keep your money in the club.”

Personally, when I see one of them fishies I button up my wallet pocket and keep moving ahead, eyes forward, nobody sees nothing.

Now, I’m not saying we should hide the fact of our faith. And I certainly recognize that in some countries enigmatic symbols may be helpful for the Church (of course, the cross and the fish are hardly “enigmatic” to those who would persecute the Church).

What I’m saying is this: If we want to glorify Christ as a breath mint maker, wouldn’t it be more consistent with our beliefs to be the best stinking breath mint maker on the planet rather than just a ho-hum mint-maker with a fish on his label?

For the business man, take the God-forsaken cross off your business card and make your name itself be known for fair-dealing, excellence, integrity, and concern for the poor.

These are the things that make me want to do business with you. These are the things that should make me want to do business with you.

It’s not that fishes and crosses are all bad. It’s just that it’s the mark of the christianist to substitute the faith with symbols of the faith.