Getting Started

Life Along The Way

is the chronicle and catalogue of my life as a writer, missionary, and priest. I spent about eight years wandering the continent and playing the folk singer-songwriter stages. I spent about six years working as a missionary building houses in Mexico. And I have been an Anglican priest since 2011. You can read more about me on my bio page.

Here’s a list of the sorts of things I write:

General Posts

Observations and assessments of things that happen in our daily lives especially grief, evil, loss, joy, the historic Christian faith, our “christianist” society, etc. Often these posts come in the form of very short (100 word or less) Seeds for Thought.

Stories and Poetry

As a Georgia boy who has lived in Texas for nearly twenty years, my creative writings are heavy on narrative, natural imagery, and dry, dead-pan humor.

The Christian Faith
(and the anemic religiosity that tries to pass itself off as such)

I am devoutly Christian and profoundly grieved by nearly all that is the modern expression of the Church. I sincerely believe that agnosticism is the conclusion of modern Christian teaching that has the most intellectual integrity. Fortunately, there is the older faith in Christ.