Super Duper Jesus Fish or I Respect The Deep Theological Statements You Can Make With Car Magnets, But...

+ Today I pulled out behind a black truck that had one of those magnetic Super Jesus Fish eating a Darwin footed fish. What a sad place our christianist culture has taken us.

At least, the Darwin footed fish had a scant trace of creative humor. I’ll give ’em that. But all the same, they’re not really making their own claim on an idea. They’re just reacting to the one presented (the original Jesus fish in this case).

So why do we follow suit and show that we can go ‘one lower?’ “Hey world, not only can we be reactionary and sarcastic just like you but we can do it and not even be funny.”

As much as I’d like to see the magnetic icon war proceed until finally becoming a full magnetic mosaic of Super Duper Jesus fish cooking up footed Darwin fish in a frying pan while Peter is swimming toward Him and Long St. John Silver is hauling in a net of 153 little footed Darwin fishes with a crumbling Capt’n D’s in the background, I think perhaps I’d rather see evidence that the church has found all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

I wish we could be funny (in the actually funny sort of way).

I wish that we would stop making reactionary or copy-cat christianist versions of popular products (or at least stop finding it acceptable).

Let’s put out a moratorium effective immediately. From now on, thoughtful and Creative are the only ship that’s floating on these waters.

Who’s with me?